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Creo - we create tomorrow

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    we analyze ALL processes and all of your business

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    Some think outside the box, We ACT outside the box!, Get ready for "HANDS ON"

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    get efficient. get optimized by creo.


Creo IT runs.. nationwide in e-governments, banking and retail-industries.



  • Experienced Engineers A creo IT professional is performing a key strategic role as a subject matter expert who mentors and manages project teams, facilitates the project governance process, drives programs to improve quality and performance and directly manages high impact projects.
  • Action = Responsibility Rule Nr.1 To be able to connect, interact and perform "inside" projects its recommended to become a fully integrated teammember. Rule Nr.2: Improve - but respect the thin red line between the "hands on approach" and changing everything. Rule Nr.3: Stick to the plan and constantly adapt it to new ideas.
  • A reliable partner You can benefit from our expertise and take advantage of practical knowledge transfer in development and adaptation of cutting-edge technologies for enterprise applications. Whatever your business is based on, we make sure your IT is ready to deliver. By dooing so we operate under your trademark while keeping your head-count low.


  • Performance Engineering

  • Project Management

  • IT Merge & Aquisitions

  • IT Strategy

  • Software Engineering

  • IT Legacy Porting

  • We speed up legacy systems, processes and your BPM engines by analyzing, benchmarks and reverse-engineerings of persistance-, interface and businesslogic layers

  • We manage distributed teams and inhouse teams by keeping a focus on flexibility and goal orientation. Meet the deadlines and deliver. Thats what software is made of.

  • We deliver technology advisory and implementation solutions that extract and maximize business value from IT investments. This encompasses the architecture, engineering and services strategy, required to merge into an efficient and effective solution.

  • Beside the classical approach our focus is on optimizing IT performance in merged systems while simplifying IT operations. We keep managing IT business risk and compliance and strengthening sourcing competency by cultivating IT governance and leadership

  • We provide Technology Solution Development and Integration across the SDLC including requirements, functional specs, design, custom development, integration, testing, and deployment.

  • We incoperate legacy systems and processes into your IT. From porting to a complete takeover in developmentteams and -projects at any stage.

Welcome to CREOuniverse

The CREO effect

We consider IT technology to be a service. Functionality and correctness are among the highest priorities. Downtime, outages and desaster recovery with real business impact is the worst case. If you are down to zero, get back up with creo.
Most delays are due to misunderstandings and a lack of communication between the IT dept and the business defined requirements. Close the gap! because projectmanagement is not just tracking progress, but about leading the process!
Legacy Systems are considered to be valuable for several reasons, one: knowledge must not get lost, processes are not documented and you invested a lot. So merging IT systems is a common approach. We guide you through the process and help you to avoid the most common pitfalls.
We are working with the most sophisticated, well established frameworks available and apply "lessons learned" proven concepts and architectures from huge IT vendors. Rule N1: dont reinvent the wheels, invent a new way to drive it.